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Save time with Autoword's powerful natural language based AI to generate product descriptions within seconds directly inside your Shopify store

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A Natural Language Powered AI writing assistant that writes fluently and compellingly

Instantly generate product descriptions with just one click! Create captivating descriptions in seconds with AI-driven intelligence


Everything you need for best description

Boost conversions and maintain your brand voice across your business with our Shopify AI writer

Never start from a blank page again.

With Autoword's AI Generator, you can spend less time writing and more time planning, polishing and experimenting than writing content

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  • Natural Language Based AI

    Autoword uses advanced natural language processing to understand product features and generate bulk product descriptions

  • Native Shopify Components

    We designed Autoword using native shopify components, So no redirection only seamless experience directly inside shopify

  • Bulk Descriptions Generator

    Easy-to-use bulk generation feature which allows you to quickly generate product descriptions for multiple products

  • Sync Products From Shopify

    Save time by syncing product information instantly from Shopify and save generated descriptions with the click of a button

No hidden costs or surprises

Recharge your wallet with tokens and only pay as per use


Simple Transparent Pricing

Credits can be used to generate product descriptions, 1 credit is used to generate multiple suggestions per product

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